SurroundBar 5000 Instant Home Theater

SKU 1210
31-inch Bluetooth equipped sound bar with wireless subwoofer. Works with any TV.  

For the streamer in us all.

Ah, to have a flat panel speaker that matches the flat panel television. No more speaker boxes strewn about the room, no more wiring clutter. And yet, no sacrificing audio quality or deep bass effects for movies and even gaming. We can dream, can't we? And we can... stream, now, too! Because the incredible SurroundBar 5000 IHT features Bluetooth Wireless Technology for clear, loss-less streaming from mobile gadgets like smart phones and tablets. Now your music can be heard, in dynamic CD-quality reproduction, with no wires and no complex setups or calibrations. Polk engineers have designed the ultimate Bluetooth speaker that's also the ultimate single-speaker home theater & subwoofer system: The SurroundBar 5000 IHT. Keep streaming!

SoundBar 5000 Instant Home Theater Features:

  • Shallow-depth design, just 2.25-inches deep, blends seamlessly with your flat panel TV installation.

  • SmartBar™ programming enables the SoundBar 5000 IHT to easily learn volume up/down and mute from your existing TV remote control. You'll use only one remote for the SoundBar and your TV. (The SB5kIHT includes its own easy-to-use remote, too, if that's the way you roll.)

  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology with aptX Audio Coding, to deliver CD-quality sound from your iPhone, Android, tablet or other compatible device.

  • On-board Dolby Digital processing: connect directly to your TV, DVD or Blu-Ray player, or gaming console.

  • Dual Tuned Ported Enclosure design enhances optimum blending between the sound bar's drivers and the compact wireless subwoofer, whether the bar is wall- or shelf-mounted, and no matter where the sub is placed.

  • Built-in keyhole slots for easy wall-mounting; just one of a wide range of placement options.

  • Magnetically shielded for placement on or near any type of video monitor.

  • Compact 120 Watt wireless subwoofer features 6.5-inch downward firing poly-composite Dynamic Balance® woofer and flared J-port for big bass with low distortion.

  • State-of-the-art lossless wireless technology delivers absolutely instantaneous subwoofer response, so the subwoofer can be placed anywhere within 50-feet of the sound bar and deliver immediate deep bass satisfaction.

  • Includes: 6-foot Optical Audio Cable, plus analog audio cables, for quick and easy TV-to-Bar connection, Easy-to-master Remote Control (batteries thoughtfully included).

Dimensions Subwoofer - Depth 10 3/4 (27.30cm) "
Dimensions Subwoofer - Height 10 (25.40cm) "
Dimensions Subwoofer - Width 10 1/4 (26.04cm) "
Dimensions SurroundBar - Depth 2 1/4 (5.71cm) "
Dimensions SurroundBar - Height 3 3/4 (9.53cm) "
Dimensions SurroundBar - Width 31 (78.74cm) "
Driver Complement Full Range SurroundBar - Driver Dimensions 2.5
Driver Complement Full Range SurroundBar - Quantity Two
Driver Complement Full Range SurroundBar - Type Full-range
Electrical - Inputs One optical; two .125 analog
Electrical - Total Frequency Response 40Hz-20kHz
Electrical - Total System Power 280 watts
Electrical - Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth wireless technology with apt-X
Warranty - Speaker Warranty 3 years
Warranty - Subwoofer Amplifier Warranty 1 year