SurroundBar 500 CHT

SKU 1209
49-inch single-speaker component home theater system.

The SurroundBar Smart Enough to be Called Component Home Theater.

Look at this SoundBar, just look at it. It's a mere 1 1/2-inches thin. And yet, it produces one of the most addicting audio experiences you are likely to experience in a single-speaker system. How can this be? To reach this level of high performance, Polk engineers made a tactical design decision to separate the SurroundBar 500 CHT's crossover and proprietary digital audio technologies into a separate rack-mountable black box: the external SDA® control module. The compact SDA control module goes right where your audio equipment or cable box goes, connects in seconds with no setup at all, and ensures an audio experience just not possible from other soundbar designs. The impossibly thin SurroundBar 500 CHT delivers a surprisingly wide, deep, detailed and realistic front soundstage for any application, and effortlessly adds excitement to your TV viewing, movie watching, and gaming.

SoundBar 500 CHT Features:

  • An incredible 12-driver array, including nine ultra-shallow ASP aluminum dome mid-woofers and three 3/4-inch high performance ring radiator tweeters, in a mere 1 1/2-inch of depth.

  • Polk's patented SDA surround technology delivers a rich, enveloping listening experience from a single source; no rear speakers or special room characteristics are required.

  • 7CH, 5CH or LCR configurable all from a single switch.

  • Polk Digital Logic® technology, a proprietary DSP program, automatically calibrates and optimizes your SurroundBar for any room shape or system setup.

  • Installs anywhere easily, with the simple secure wall-mount bracket or shelf cradle.

  • Extruded aluminum enclosure is designed to eliminate performance-robbing cabinet resonances.

  • Anti-diffraction grille and bezel design create surprisingly open, spacious imaging.

  • Easy plug-and-play connections between the control module, your TV, and your source components, with no complex setup or calibration needed. It works right out of the box!

  • Control module has receiver inputs, channel mode switch and output to the SurroundBar.

Dimensions - Depth 1 1/2 (3.81cm) "
Dimensions - Height 4 1/4 (10.79cm) "
Dimensions - Width 49 (124.46cm) "
Driver Complement Mid / Woofer - Diameter 3 1/4 (8.26cm) "
Driver Complement Mid / Woofer - Quantity 9
Driver Complement Mid / Woofer - Type Dynamic Balance anodized aluminum ASP domes
Driver Complement Tweeter - Diameter 3/4 (1.91cm) "
Driver Complement Tweeter - Quantity 3
Driver Complement Tweeter - Type Dynamic Balance ring radiator
Electrical - Efficiency 87 dB
Electrical - Inputs 15-foot wiring harness connects SDA module to SurroundBar
Electrical - Lower -3dB Limit 100 Hz
Electrical - Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Electrical - Recommended Amplifier Power 20-150 watts per channel
Electrical - Total Frequency Response 80Hz-33kHZ
Electrical - Upper -3dB Limit 29 kHz
Installation Surround - Mounting Options Keyhole slots, wall bracket, threaded inserts for aftermarket brackets, adjustable rubber feet for shelf/table mounting
Shipping - Included Accessories SDA Control Module Dimensions
Shipping - Total Shipping Weight 25 pounds
Shipping - Unit of Measure system
Warranty - Speaker Warranty 5 years parts and labor original purchaser