SKU 1180
PWSK-1 wireless subwoofer kit. 

All the bass. None of the clutter.

Now you can have more placement options than ever using the optional PWSK-1 wireless kit fo DSWPROwi subwoofers. The wireless system is made up of a small wireless dongle that connects to the subwoofer's amplifier plate. No additional AC power connection is necessary, because the dongle connects to the amplifier's power supply. A compact wireless transmitter connects to an A/V receiver and sends bass signals to the subwoofer. There's no latency, no compression, just big bass for your viewing and listening pleasure.

PWSK-1 Features:

  • Transmits both subwoofer and LFE signals

  • Sends flawless bass signals to the subwoofer, with no latency and no compression.

  • External antenna for highest transmission quality

  • Transmits up to 40 feet (12 meters)

  • Wireless Band 2.4Ghz