• IP Speakers FAQ for Dealers and Installers

Can the Netstreams PowerLinX power Polk IP speakers? If yes, how many?

The Netstreams PSS750 model can drive up to 2 pairs of the LC80i-IP to moderately high listening levels. To reach the full dynamic range of the LC80i-IP the Polk SPS-1 power supply is required. The Netstreams power supplies are not compatible with the LC265i-IP because the Polk speaker requires 48 Volts which our power supply delivers. The LC80i-IP requires either 48 or 28 Volts to achieve optimal performance. The Polk power supply can power up to two pair of LC80i-IP and one pair of LC265i-IP speakers.

When using analog audio inputs on the IP speakers how long can the cables run without any signal loss or degradation?

We've used 100 feet of 14 gauge speaker wire terminated with matching transformers (to change the speaker wire to line level) with minimal effect on the sonics. Shielded RCA cable can also run over 100-150 feet without significant degradation. Longer lengths will increase background noise but may be satisfactory.

Has Polk ever tired to run analog inputs into our IP speakers? If yes, how so?

We've run both speaker wire terminated as above and RCA's. The speakers sound fantastic and you realize 95% of the sound quality of the digital connection, minus the control of course.

Do the IP speakers fit into performance enclosures?

The LC265i-IP fits in the current enclosure. The LC80i-IP enclosure is new, called the ENCL LC80IP which is deeper and will replace the current ENCL LC80, working well for both passive and IP version.

Where can installers find PDF cut sheets for our RTS and IP products?

They are available now on our website on the right side of each product page.

Does room optimization software for the IP speakers reside in the speaker or on a separate disc?

A CD-ROM containing the Performance Optimization Wizard software is shipped with every IP speaker. It is also available for download via our website. The Netstreams Dealer Setup includes a NetStreams version of our software so the installer can transition easily from DigiLinX system setup to our IP speaker setup.

Do the IP speakers have an internal memory such that if the power goes out the system will not reset?

Yes. When you save the settings after setup they are memorized in the firmware of the DSP, which is inside the amplifier.

Are the amps in the IP speakers all digital? Does it contain D-A converters and A-D converters?

The amps are 100% digital. That's the only way to offer 200wrms (LC265i-IP in such a small package. When used with an IP network system the signal is kept digital all the way from input to the output stage where they are converted to analog to the individual woofer, midrange and tweeter wires. When used in analog mode, they take the analog signal and convert it to digital. Then it's the same as the IP network system all the way to the output stage.

Can you remove amps on IP speakers for remote mounting? How far away? Any heat issues to be concerned about?

Yes, the amp can be removed from the speaker and remotely located. You'd use the same common sense when running speaker wire from an amplifier to a speaker, the shorter the better. Just be sure to keep any insulation away from the amplifier. Anywhere that you'd mount a speaker is likely to be fine for the amplifier. The IP speakers can be mounted into our performance enclosures, for example with no problems.